I don’t know about you, but I hate giving my kids (or me) medicine. I don’t hesitate when I know it’s going to work, but for most things I’m not convinced of their effectiveness. I’m not about to give up on modern medicine at all. I have seen it do too much good. But let us face it, I’m not sure that modern medicine does much for the common cold. Cold medicines aren’t good for kids, and they make me what I lovingly call, “medicine head.”

So when a friend of mine came to me and suggested that I find a more natural way to treat the symptoms of colds I was intrigued. Part of me scoffed at the crunchy aspect of it all, and I agreed to try just so that I could tell her how they did not work. That is me though, always a sceptic.

The natural method I am talking about is the use of essential oils. If you are like me you are thinking about how crazy that sounds. Stupid really, that an oil can relieve any symptoms. I searched the Internet for information and hoped to find unbiased opinions. Turns out that is hard to find. What I did find out was this, people have been using oils practically forever. People who use it these days swear by it.
I’m not one to use my kids as test subjects, but the minute my husband had an ailment, I drug out the oils. His complaint was common for him. Sinus pressure and headache. At the instruction of my friend who knows what to do, we put a few drops of melaleuca oil on strategic points behind his ears. Within about ten minutes he stopped complaining.

Still not convinced, I waited for someone else to get sick. This time it was my daughter who seemed to have a stomach bug. She was coughing and heaving preparing for the main vomit event. I daringly put a few drops of an oil blend specifically for upset stomachs on her belly. Five minutes later she had not gotten sick and was dancing around.

My last test was the common cold itself.  I have to admit that the oils actually helped. The cold was still there, and it still ran its course, but the oils actually made me feel better during the process. They helped with breathing with a stuffy nose. They eased my cough. They practically vanished my sinus pressure.

I cannot tell you that all of the things that essential oil companies claim work. I can tell you that they helped with minor ailments. I used the brand DoTerra, which is supposed to be the best and most pure out there.

So if you are looking for a natural way to treat your family during this cold season, I think that good essential oils are worth at least looking into. All of the oils were used topically, and therefore are completely safe for young kids.

– Stephanie Wright

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