It’s no argument that breast milk is the best option for a baby.  In a perfect world, everyone who wanted to would be able to breast feed.  Sometimes, however, it doesn’t work out that way.  Some babies can’t latch on, or have difficult doing so.   Sometimes Mommies don’t make enough milk, some don’t make any.  This was my problem, my milk just never came in.  No matter what I did, or how many lactation consultants I saw, or supplements I took. 

If you find yourself in any of these situations, take a deep breath and remember that feeding your baby formula really isn’t the end of the world.  They will still thrive, and grow up to be strong amazing little people.  You are still a great parent.  If your baby won’t latch, or for some reason is unable to be with you to breast feed, don’t discount exclusively pumping your breast milk.  If my milk comes in after this baby is born, this is the route I will most likely take.  It will be hard work.  You get all the pluses of bottle feeding, sharing feeding time with other loved ones, feeding anywhere without the prying eyes and glares from people who are made uncomfortable by breast feeding.  You also get all the bonuses of feeding your baby your breast milk.  Along those same lines, you have all the annoyance of cleaning bottles and storing milk.  Not to mention that you have to pump your milk each time you feed your baby.  It will take twice as long to accomplish feedings, and to get  a good supply you’ll need to pump around the clock.  However, it can be done, and if it is the best option that works for your family go for it!  Don’t discount it as an option!

-Stephanie Wright

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