BrowniesWhen I wrote the title of this article, the first thing I thought in my head was “exxxxxxxxtreeeemmmme!” Yup. Like something straight out of a WWE wrestling match Fortunately I’m talking about desserts and not some tights wearing, man in a mask.

One of the things I adore about the WWW is how easy it is to be exposed to new and fun recipes that I never would have considered in the past. Gone are the days of limited recipe swaps, where you’d only receive your mother’s favorite pie recipe or the instructions to make your grandmother’s famous brownies when you were gifted the family cook book.

Now, you can exchange recipes with complete strangers.

With all of the different food blogs and recipe websites covering the internet, we’ve come across some seriously bizarre and exciting food combinations. Have you ever heard of a TurDuckEn? A chicken cooked inside a duck cooked inside a turkey? It exists, and people make it all the time. The idea of stuffing meats into other types of meats has extended into the sweets department, and people are getting pretty insane with their food experiments.

This is where we discovered something we’d like to call “Extreme Desserts.”

One that we’ve seen shared a lot is the PieCaken. It’s a pie baked inside of a cake. You can make one yourself by checking out the recipe here.

Another one we kind of have to try is an Oreo baked inside of a chocolate chip cookie, baked inside a brownie. Basically, you take an Oreo, wrap it in cookie dough, place that inside a brownie pan, and cover it in batter. What.On.Earth. You can also make peanut butter Oreo brownies by following the instructions here. shared a recipe for a candy salad, which is something we’d like to eat for lunch please.

Also: deep fried anything. Deep fried Twinkies (RIP), Oreos, Ice Cream. Deep fry it, and then stuff it into cookie dough.

Thank you internet gods. You’ve just made my day brighter, and a whole lot sweeter.

What crazy dessert recipes have you tried lately? Are you brave enough to give any of these extreme desserts a try?

-Sasha Huff


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