Face masks, how I love you……You make my sun-ravaged, un-even skin into something that I can write home about.   It may be shocking to learn (I hope you’re sitting down) that even though when it comes to picking my choice for cosmetics and beauty aids, I have tried an embarrassing number of products in each cablisstegory, I have been loyal to one mask and one mask only for several years now (which, as most of you know is practically ions in the beauty world): the Bliss Triple Oxygen Facial Mask.  It is like a true old friend who has long had a safe and secure home in my shower.

Alas, I know that it is time for change and due to the challenges facing my skin each fall, now is the perfect opportunity to look for the next mask that will call my shower home.  With a clear goal to find a hydrating, nourishing  mask that works for my combination skin in mind, I embarked on a mission to find America’s Next Top Face Mask.  Tyra and the Jays, look out, I meant business.

Like any good beauty-a-holic, I consulted the bibles (ahem, Allure and Glamour) prior to vigorous internet research on the topic.  I was launching a full scale beauty attack and I was taking no prisoners.  A facial mask is serious business and with my goal in mind, I set-out with research in hand to a few local professional beauty stores and my beauty wonderland, Blue Mercury.  I consulted the team, made notes and accepted samples.

I took this test on the road aka my best friend’s house where serious research was about to take place.  And take place it did.  Glasses of wine were poured and samples were applied.  More notes were made and we weighed in on what left us glowing, what smelled funky and what made our skin crawl.  More wine was consumed.  Several hours later, a decision was made and a winner was declared.

We then laughed so hard, we burst into tears.

And the winner is … BLISS’s new Steep Clean!   This professional-quality mask only needs to be applied for 15 minutes once a week in order to achieve optimal results.

Steep Clean mask was a delicious treat for our face and neck (and okay, chest too!) foaming up on contact, creating a light and airy cream.  My skin was nourished, hydrated and smooth as a baby’s bum.  It was like coming home again, but this time with skin free from imperfections and signs of summer sun damage and break-outs.

Hello old friend.  You look better than ever – and, thanks to you, my skin does too!   Mission accomplished.  BlissWorld

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