Just like your life, your closet could use a few resolutions.

Keep it Simple

You don’t need to be the bangle or neon queen in 2013. We shouldn’t hear or see you coming from down the street. You aren’t a traffic sign. Less isn’t more—less is ideal.

Focus on You

We spend so much time and money focusing on trends. But what is a trend anyway? A flash in the pan? Simpler tees and classic slim silhouetted pants (chances are you already own them and harkens to the above keep it simple), are “trends” that last.  You’re your own best arbiter. Focus on what looks good on you, and not the model in the pages of Vogue.

Resolve to Not Buy

Once you get something out of the closet, are you able to put it back in? We are told time and again that we need the new this or that, but we have so much stuff.

Aim to learn how to mix and match your already existing wardrobe so that you get the most bang for what you already have. If you must buy one new item a month (but that includes accessories). Even the little something’s count as new additions.

It’s Just a Sale

There will be another. Sales are hardly in limited supply and with websites like Gilt Groupe galore, there’s not need to worry that another deal won’t pop your way. Don’t get over excited by the discount.  If you didn’t need it five minutes earlier, you don’t need it now.

Repair Your Shoes

We spend a lot of money on our feet, but soles wear down, heels get scuffed, and materials get worn.  Resolve to take better care of your shoes.  This means cleaning them off after a particularly rough night or taking them to the cobbler. Being respectable to your wares is so 2013.


-Arianna Schioldager

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