iStock_easterbrunchOne of our favorite meals of the day? Brunch. Yup, that wonderful period in between breakfast and lunch where you are encouraged to drink mimosas and bloody Mary’s, eat shrimp cocktail before downing an omelette and enjoy an afternoon with friends and family. We’ve never had a bad time at brunch and if you ever want to hit one up with us, just shoot us a text and we will be there in minutes.

Now, for complete disclosure’s sake, I have to admit something. I don’t celebrate Easter. That’s right. I’m a proud Jewish woman, and Easter is not on my “approved” list of holidays, but that doesn’t mean I am any less interested in all of the fun things you can do to celebrate. I did receive an Easter basket once when I slept over a friend’s house Easter weekend back in middle school though, so I really do understand how fun it can be.

Since this awesome holiday is quickly approaching, we thought we’d find some cute and tasty food items that you can make this year to add some unique things to your Easter brunch!

Colorful Deviled Eggs – We are literally obsessed with these deviled eggs, and think every kid (and adult!) on the planet will squeal with joy if they see them on your table.

Peeps & Fruit Kabob – Forget your normal fruit salad in a bowl, make these adorable skewers instead.

“Carrot” Crescents With Egg Salad – These are so cute and so easy to make we can’t even handle it.

Peeps In A Pot – If you need centerpiece ideas, this is a cute and simple project that the kids will love!

Easter Egg Pizza – A delicious treat that could also be a fun activity for everyone at your party. Make the dough ¬†ahead of time, and leave toppings for everyone to make their own decorated “egg.” You could even make individual sized ones so everyone has their own to eat!

What are some of your family traditions on Easter? We’d love to hear stories in the comments! –Sasha Huff

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