edibleflowersAre you having a party and are curious how to spruce up your menu? Awesome, because we are about to hit you with some crazy ideas that will leave your guests in awe of how totally amazing you are. Don’t be afraid of all of the edible flowers we are going to suggest. They are a wonderful addition to any dish, and they don’t change the flavor too much.

First up, some violet love. Yes, you can eat violets and in fact, some people even find them in the wild and use them! Like Melissa from Brooklyn Locavore. No joke, she went foraging for violets, and over one weekend introduced her readers to a few awesome violet recipes. Check out her Fizzy Violet cocktail, and why not add some candied violets to the menu too. Really impress those guests!

A simple way to add flowers to your food is to simply add the edible beauties to your salad. Here is a recipe for a little inspiration.

And you simply can’t have a summer party without a blueberry dish. How about some yummy scones or go really traditional with it and make a delicious blueberry pie.

Don’t forget to add some spiked drinks, like an Arnold Palmer (lemonade/iced tea mix) with some vodka or dark rum, or just a simple lemonade with vodka! If you want to get fancy with it, take some watermelon, blend it with ice and add some vodka or light rum. Refreshing and delicious!

For a main dish, a nice cut of fish, or a vegetarian quiche would be lovely. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary or those edible flowers again!

The most important part of a beautiful summer menu is adding lots of colors! Make all of your dishes bright and watch your guests swoon!

Happy eating! -Sasha Huff


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