If you are looking for a way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather, improve your overall mental health, and burn a few more calories, start gardening!

If you’re new to gardening it is important for both your sanity and the vitality of your plants to begin with easy-to-grow varieties. And, nothing is better than the gratification of tasting home grown vegetables. For your own gardening pleasure, here is a list of summer vegetables that are low maintenance and taste great!

‘Black Seeded Simpson’ Loose-Leaf Lettuce

This delicious lettuce matures early in the season. Its tender texture and light flavor is great paired with sweet baby beets, English peas, cucumber, and home made vinaigrettes.

‘Bush Champion’ Cucumber

This cucumber grows compactly, so many can easily survive in containers. Add slices of this cool, crisp vegetable to sandwiches and salads for a tasty crunch!

‘Carnival’ Sweet Pepper

This sweet and mild pepper is great for adding some color to your summer dishes!

‘Chioggia’ Beet

This Italian heirloom carries a mild-flavor in its red and white flesh.

‘Danvers Half Long’ Carrot

This tasty carrot can thrive in shallow soil, so it can easily grow in containers. Toss them chopped and cooked with pasta to add flavor and texture.

‘Early French Breakfast’ Radish

This heat-tolerant heirloom is great dipped in hummus, plain yogurt with dill, or a creamy ranch dip.

‘Kentucky Wonder Brown’ Bean

It’s distinct flavor makes it a great side dish to fish! Toss it with a little olive oil and roasted cashews.

‘Rosa Bianca’ Eggplant

The velvety flesh of the sweet-flavored Italian heirloom is perfect for roasting or grilling at a summer barbecue.

‘Saffron’ Summer Squash

This early harvest squash grows in abundance so there will be plenty to roast, grill, and steam all summer long!


-Emily Freeman

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