I am all for kids learning responsibility. I also think kIds absolutely love helping out, especially on big holidays like Thanksgiving. It’s good for them to feel a part of the whole process. While I am in no way suggesting you have your three year old baste the turkey, there are lots of things that the littles can do to help you get ready for the big feast.

First and foremost, I get my kids to pitch in on the cleaning of the house. It’s their jobs to keep things tidy throughout the day. A clean cloth can allow them to dust furniture, and my kids (3 and 6) also get to wash windows.  My six year old is a whiz at drying dishes, and bot my six year old and my three year old can tackle setting the table.

To keep kids busy, you can assign them the task of creating place cards, and centerpieces.  If your kids are able in your mind, there are lots of stirring, and measuring that they can assist with as well. My kids love helping to get ingredients up of the refrigerator or pantry for me.

When the meal itself comes around, my six year old is in charge of handling out the rolls, and helping to serve the salad. And just like everyday, my kids are always responsible for clearing their dishes from the table. On Thanksgiving, they get the privilege to clear the plates of our guests as well.

Of course there is always the fall back of making some sugar cookies a day or so in advance and setting the kids to decorating them.
Have fun letting your kids pitch in for the big day. Everyone will love being a part of the memories!

-Stephanie Wright

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