Whiskey isn’t the go-to drink for many females.  It’s a little harsher than say, your average glass of wine, but sometimes, whiskey is just what you need.  I’m not suggesting that next time you head out, order a Maker’s on the rocks, but a Whiskey Smash, is one of the most refreshing whiskey cocktails out there, and goes down much smoother than expected.  

The combination of mint, lemon, and simple syrup make fore the most delicious drink and will leave you pining for your next.  But be careful!  These puppies are so refreshing it’s easy to get carried away.  Smashes don’t mean you should get smashed yourself.

The Whiskey Smash


2 oz Whiskey (when making a smash it isn’t necessary to use particularly expensive whiskey.  Maker’s Mark is a great middle ground)

1 oz simple syrup (use a 1:1 ratio or if you want to opt for the more healthy option you can always use Agave)

Quarter of a lemon, cut in half

Handful of mint


Muddle the mint and lemon. Add the sugar and your choice of whiskey.

Fill your shaker with ice. Shake it hard. Strain. Serve over ice. Garnish with mint sprig.

I’ve found that it tastes best with crushed ice.  Enjoy the cool undertones of the mint and the citrusy goodness of the lemon.  Plus, if you’re hosting a dinner part, it is a simple, and universally loved cocktail that looks pretty in a spigot jar.  Just make sure you keep it somewhere cool so the ice doesn’t melt and water down your mouth-watering libation.

-Arianna Schioldager

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