If you’re going to a potluck at some point to celebrate the holidays, and I would be pretty surprised if you were not, then you probably know how frustrating it can be to bring your dish to the party and risk losing it. How many 9×13 pans are there in the world? I know that I have lost more than my fair share of baking dishes. I’m here to save you from experiencing that annoyance.

All you need is a bottle of etching cream, and some stencils. Personally, for my stuff, I prefer just adding my last name. For a 9×13 dish, I usually add it to the longer side. Using letter stencils, I put the cream on each letter and then follow the instructions on the cream. If you aren’t a fan of putting your name on your glass baking dishes you can always add flowers, or any design you fancy. Your goal is of course to make your dish distinguishable from everyone else’s. just to ensure that no one accidentally takes yours home. Of course, it will be so cute that someone might take it home on purpose. One of the main reasons I prefer to add my last name.

The most fun part in my mind, is adding the same design to all of my glassware making them appear as if they were all part of a set, even if they were not. It will give your get together a touch of personalization and style. How can you not run out and do this right now? Okay, I might be a bit excitable, but with thanksgiving this week, you might want to head out to your local hobby store to get started!

-Stephanie Wright

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