The weather here has finally downgraded from scorching to merely hot again.  I cannot say I’m sad.  The change means we can get outside a little bit more and for a bit longer at a time.  And getting outside is every kid’s favorite pastime.

This past week we decided to take our kids on an adventure and take them fishing.

My husband grew up in the south and as a fantastic southern boy he loves fishing.  He might have been more excited than the kids.  Good thing too, I grew up in southern California, and well, never went fishing.  I went to Disneyland, which turns out isn’t very outdoorsy despite being all outdoors.  Not even Frontierland counts.

This trip, being our first fishing excursion we didn’t put any hooks on the kid’s lines

At Walmart we were able to find child sized fishing poles for around $10 each.  They were absolutely perfect; my two year old son was actually able to cast his own line without any help.  He also had no difficultly reeling it all back in.

This trip, being our first fishing excursion we didn’t put any hooks on the kid’s lines.  Mostly we just wanted them to practice and get the feel for what fishing is.  My daughter was a touch disappointed that she didn’t catch anything, but Big Daddy explained that if you were guaranteed to catch a fish it would be called catching, not fishing.  It was great to see both of the kids interests peaked by such a simple adventure.

Since we have gone all they talk about is fishing, and every game they play involves a river or lake.  Who knows, maybe we have created a life long love of fish for our kids?  They were both so fascinated with watching the fish swim, and seeing what would happen when they threw bread crumbs in the water.

I can actually say I can’t wait to go again.

-Stephanie Wright

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