For those of us who work in the city and live outside it, or even still, those of us who live, work and play in the city, there is never ANY time to go home to do our hair. If it doesn’t get done in the AM, chances are the messy bun is the only shot we have at some semblance of chicness. It is not our fault per se… we’re busy professional bees.

The sock bun. You’ve probably seen a ton of girls video explaining this style. The best part is, it stays in place and you aren’t required to make any adjustments. If need be, bring a travel size can of hairspray to tame any fly-away hairs or frizzies that escape throughout the day.

The Victoria Secret waves. That’s what I once heard a hair-stylist call it. In the am (best on second-day hair because it holds), divide you hair into eight sections . Take your barrel roll curling iron and curl loose waves into your hair, wrapping strands away from your face. Give yourself a hand. Instead of brushing your hair, finger-comb strands for a tousled style. Hairspray to secure.

Chances are your grandma used to sleep in her rollers, but you’ve never done such a thing. It’s uncomfortable and makes your scalp feel like it’s bruised. Twist-flex rods are soft, flexible and lightweight rollers used to create curls. No pins or clips needed. Ideal for speed setting, and with a spritz of hair spray those curls last all day and way into the night.

Braid those tresses to last. A side fish tail braid (if you can manage this) will stay and looks good a little messy. Or high pony that sucker, braid the pony and wrap it, securing the ends with a bobby pin or two.

-Arianna Schioldager

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