Trick or just a treat?Whether you’re old or young, indulge in some holiday fun.
Colorful Smores: Smores, which are easy to make no matter what, can be quickly taken into a Halloween treat. If you use chocolate graham crackers, marshmallow cream, and orange sprinkles, they look adorably festive. To make them individually (no flame needed) top a square, cream, and chocolate-hazelnut spread like Nutella if you like the taste of it, and then sandwich the top square. Microwave for about thirty seconds to make the marshmallow gooey and then cover the edges in orange or Halloween-themed sprinkles. You can also substitute chocolate-hazelnut spread for peanut butter if you prefer that. Whatever it is, it will definitely win over the kids.
Frankenstein Cupcake Cones: For this one you need cake mix (whichever flavor you prefer), the ingredients the cake mix lists, chocolate frosting, decorative piping icing, Smarties candies, and colored cones (green especially). Prepare the cake mix per directions, and spread the batter amongst the cones. Do not fill the cones to the top but about ¾ of the way. If you overfill, the cones might explode in the oven or run down the edges. Bake them until you can stick a toothpick into the cake and it comes out clean.
After this, pipe some black frosting to paste together 2 Smarties. Make twice as many as they are cupcakes, because they will be Frankenstein’s neck bolts! Once the cupcake cools, ice the top of it with chocolate icing, and then use the piping icing to create faces on the sides of the cones—don’t forget some stitches. Attach the bolts to the side (or wait until you’re at the destination where you’re serving them), and serve. They’re surely be a hit at whatever Halloween party you’re attending.
Fondant Ghosts: The appearance of these is quite impressive though the act of making them is so simple. Drape fondant over single or double-stacked marshmallows and then use decorative gel to create faces on the ghosts.
Pigs in a Blanket: My mom always made pigs in a blanket every single year for us on Halloween evening. All the ingredients that are required for this are Pillsbury crescent rolls, hot dogs (any kind per your preference), and mustard. Instead of just rolling the hot dogs in the rolls normally, roll out the sheet of dough, cut it vertically into two rectangles. Then cut crosswise into small strips. Wrap the strip of dough around the hot dog to look like a little mummy, and brown it in the oven. Use mustard to create eyes on each mummy.
Skeleton Cupcakes: Make vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing. Use white sprinkles, white Good ‘n Plenty, and white mints to make the bones. Draw a little face on a white mint so the skeleton has a face. This is a simple one with which your kids can definitely help.
Frankenstein Pudding Cups: Make or purchase pudding and add green coloring to it. Paint faces onto the inside of clear plastic cups and refrigerate them until the chocolate is completely hardened. Add the green coloring into the cups, top with some chocolate pudding, and then add crushed Oreos on the very top. Refrigerate for at least an hour until it’s settled.

Whitney J. Manson

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