Pinworms are thin and white and typically measure 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in length.

Female pinworms lay thousands of eggs while the infected person sleeps. They can cause anal itching or have no virtually no symptoms, the Mayo Foundation says.

An infection, which can be treated with an antibiotic, typically occurs among school-age children.

The foundation offers this advice to prevent a pinworm infection:

  • Wash in the morning, since pinworms lay their eggs at night. Showering can be more effective than taking a bath in preventing a pinworm infection.
  • Change underwear and bed sheets daily.
  • Wash clothing, towels and bedsheets in hot water and dry on high heat.
  • Don’t scratch the anal area.
  • Trim your child’s fingernails so there’s less space for eggs to collect.
  • Discourage nail biting.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after having a bowel movement and before eating.

Source: HealthDay

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