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Winter can be hard on your skin, but you can take steps to keep it soft and supple, dermatologists say. “When the weather changes, your skin care products should, too. For most of us, dry skin makes an appearance in the winter due to changes in temperature and humidity, so you need to think about…  read on >

Calcium is best known as a building block of strong bones, and studies show that getting it from the source — milk — is more effective than supplements. Nutritionists also are learning that it has another important role that’s especially beneficial for dieters. Research has found that calcium can help suppress appetite and even lower…  read on >

As many as 20 million Americans have gallstones. Most don’t have any symptoms, but not all will escape a gallstone attack. The gallbladder is a small organ in the upper right abdomen. It’s a reservoir for bile, the fluid made by the liver to aid digestion. Experts aren’t sure why, but gallstones form from imbalances…  read on >

Good sleep routines can help children get the rest they need, researchers say. For the new report, investigators reviewed 44 studies from 16 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. The studies included a total nearly 300,000 children, aged 4 months to 18 years. “Good sleep hygiene gives children the best chances of getting adequate,…  read on >

Diabetes has been tied to a number of complications such as kidney disease, but new research has found that older people with type 2 diabetes can also have more difficulties with thinking and memory. During a five-year study, participants with diabetes showed a decline in verbal memory and fluency. Using MRI scans, researchers saw that…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — It’s perfectly normal for parents to be concerned when a child comes home sneezing and coughing with what appears to be the common cold, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says. But cough medicine may not be the best remedy, the agency warns. It says some cough medicines could have life-threatening side…  read on >

Just as there are diet plateaus, you can hit the wall with exercise, too — no longer seeing results from your efforts and then losing motivation. According to the experts at the American Council on Exercise, a plateau is often a sign that your body has adapted to the specific workout you’re doing and needs…  read on >

A vaccine that might help combat the opioid epidemic has performed well in early animal testing, researchers report. The vaccine contains antibodies that are effective against several synthetic opioids, including fentanyl and the even deadlier carfentanil. Tests in mice showed that the vaccine blocked the pain-numbing effects of synthetic opioids and also protected the mice…  read on >

People seeking more satisfaction in their later years might find sex is the spice of life, new research suggests. For the study, researchers analyzed survey data from nearly 6,900 older adults, average age 65, in England. The investigators found that those who said they’d had any type of sexual activity in the previous 12 months…  read on >

Mom was right when she said no swimming for an hour after lunch. Even though it takes energy to work out, it’s important that exercise doesn’t interfere with digestion. Like Goldilocks, you need just the right amount of food. Eat too much and you might feel sluggish rather than energized. Eat too little, and you…  read on >