Fiber — derived from plant-based foods — has a number of health benefits including aiding digestion, helping you feel fuller longer and helping to curb overeating, the American Academy of Family Physicians says.

Depending on your age and gender, you should get between 21 grams and 38 grams of fiber daily.

Here are the academy’s suggestions for getting more fiber in your diet:

  • Eat at least 2 cups of fruit and 2 1/2 cups of vegetables each day.
  • Eat whole-grain bread instead of refined white bread and brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Read nutrition labels to find out how much dietary fiber is in your food.
  • Add wheat bran to food such as cooked cereal, applesauce or meatloaf.
  • Eat 1/2 cup of cooked beans, such as navy, kidney, pinto, black, lima or white beans.

Source: HealthDay

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