Holiday time means parties, parties mean holiday dresses, and holiday dresses means something SPARKLY! I used to think that dresses with sequins or lace were tacky, but lately I have seen some really gorgeous dresses that I would love to wear. Some of my favorites are by French Connection and Alice & Olivia. What are you wearing to your holiday parties?


1. French Connection “Oyster” Sequined Dress $268.00

2. Anthropologie New Years Tweed Dress $268.00

3. French Connection “Buzzy Beads” Sequin Striped Dress $328.00

4. Rebecca Taylor Sparkle Strapless Dress $495.00

5. Patra Bead Silk Chiffon Dress $178.00

6. JS Boutique Sequin Sheath Dress $138.00

7. Anthropologie Curving Cloudcover Dress $398.00

-Jessica Brown

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