Hosting a party is serious business. There are so many elements to consider- food, drinks, guests, etc.

And this is the season for hosting.  If you’re newly venturing into the hostess category, there are a few rules that every seasoned hostess knows.  The most important one—remember you’ll never throw the perfect party, so don’t try.  Something is bound to go awry, but if you don’t stress, your guests won’t stress.  You don’t need to look like chicken with her head cut-off, even if you did forget to defrost the meat.

So the first rule remains: never let them see you sweat.  By the time your guests arrive, you should be dressed, out of the kitchen, and mingling.  Introduce old friends to new friends.  Offer everyone a drink.  And move on.  You want to move around the room with grace, and don’t let any one guest occupy too much of your time.  Your guests have come to see you, so make sure you’re as available as possible for all.

Whether you are serving a formal meal or just appetizers, never under any circumstance make a negative comment about the food.  Self-deprecating behavior is not en vogue. Oh this meat is just a tad dry is never a phrase that should be uttered.  Let everyone have a good time. Don’t tell them what to think.

Even if you’re nervous, don’t drink too much.  No one likes a sloppy hostess.

Speaking of drinks, make sure to have alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  And avoid dark drinks. Something is bound to spill, and you don’t want it to be red wine all over your white couch.

Make a play list—something that helps set the tone of your party.

And smile! Every one else is bound to follow suit!


-Arianna Schioldager

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