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This week we are feeling super inspired by our crafty and creative friends. It’s amazing to see how much our generation is looking for ways to save a penny while also making thoughtful choices about the things they are eating, drinking and using on a daily basis. Could it be because we are living through a time where saving money is essential? Absolutely. But I also think it’s because we are a generation built on the internet, and we have access to so much wonderful information that we’re drawn to figuring out ways to make things for ourselves.

Reading our friend’s dinner recipes on their food blogs is a daily occurrence, but most recently we’ve been incredibly surprised and excited to read about home made cleaning products.

This all started when we saw our friend Stephanie from Mommie Beerest  posted about laundry detergent she’d made last year consisting of a combo of borax, baking soda, Oxy Clean and other stuff you can find here.

That’s right. People are literally ditching their bottles of Downy and Windex for home made products. We are fascinated by this, and decided to see how many home cleaning products there were out there that people are replacing with their own DIY’d “brand.”

Luckily for us, National Geographic has provided recipes for all purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, and furniture polish right here.

This awesome post has shower cleaner,  window cleaner, and air freshener (among other things.)

We’ve even found a bleach substitute that won’t burn your eyes while using it!

Consider us officially obsessed, and most likely on our way to pick up all of these ingredients the moment we are done writing this blog. How could you not want to at least give it a try, right?

Have you made any cleaning products at home? What recipe did you find the most successful?

-Sasha Huff


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