Hot rollers have been around since 1966, when Panasonic produced the first electrically-heated hair rollers. Gone were the days of sleeing in tight and torturous pin curls. Panasonic first released their heated curlers in Japan, but they soon made their way to the States at the behest of curl-loving ladies.

Soon the ease of the curling iron replaced the hot roller, and many of us grew up not knowing how to position or set hot rollers. Consider this your quick and easy guide, because nothing beats the bounce and softness of the hot roller.

There are varying sizes and shapes, but today we’re talking about jumbo hot rollers. How they work–simple. Plug them in. The electric chamber does all the work.

Conair Jumbo Rollers are a great choice. They come with 4 super jumbo rollers and 8 jumbo rollers.

It couldn’t be simpler. It takes less than 2 minutes to heat them up, a few minutes to set (the more you use them, the faster your fingers will roll), and you can leave them to set for a length of your discretion.

1. Heat your rollers.You want them as hot as can be.

2. Separate your hair into 3 sections: right, left, and middle. Start at the middle. Use the super jumbo rollers for the middle section. This helps create fullness and adds body.

2. Place the ends of your hair on the roller and wind away from your forehead and toward the scalp. Roll firmly and secure with a clip, crossing over the roller.

3. Use 4 of the jumbo rollers on the right side of you head. Don’t gather too much hair–you want to be sure your hair isn’t coming out over the sides. Roll away from your face. Repeat on the left side with the 4 remaining jumbo rollers.

4. Let the rollers sit for about 15 minutes. You want to make sure the rollers are cool before you remove them. During this time you can do your makeup, eat breakfast or even fold clean laundry. It frees up a lot of prep time not having to hold a curling iron in place.

5. When the rollers are cool, remove the clip, and let the roller gently fall out. Let the curl bounce back after the roller has been removed.

6. Give your bounce a little spritz with hairspray. Your curls should hold for the day and everyone will think you were born with Victoria Secret supermodel hair.

–Arianna Schioldager

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