I kill plants. Even the plants that my sister’s boyfriend assured me I couldn’t kill.  Even succulents.  The cactus in my bedroom is teetering.  So, for those of us with defunct green thumbs, I present you, indoor plant 101 for the challenged.

BE WARNED. You still need to pay attention.

If you want to take a list of the easiest houseplants to your local nursery, present them with the following:

Arrowhead vine

Chinese evergreen


Dumb cane

Grape ivy

Peace lily


Wax flower

Now, most houseplants die from over watering, especially during winter (this was not my problem), and if you’re shamefully negligent (see: me), the solution is a moisture meter.  It will tell you when your plant needs water.

You’ll also need to give your plants the light conditions they prefer.  Most grow in range of situations, but as the seasons change, so does the light, so you’ll need to adjust (ahhh!).  Match plants to the right conditions and they will thrive.

They say that Pothos may be the easiest of all houseplants (the plant my sister’s boyfriend said I couldn’t kill, right). If you’re a routine neglector this should be your first plant. Adaptable is a word plant-people use to describe it. They also look great hanging, and do best in moderate light.

Chinese Evergreens are beautiful and carefree.  Their leaf patterns vary and they only require a few simple things.  They do well in low light and warm, slightly humid conditions.  65 degrees is the lowest they like.  They need to be well watered, but let the soil dry slightly before you water again (i.e use moisture meter).  They like low light. Use them in multiple rooms in your home, and you’ll surely keep at least one plant alive.

-Arianna Schioldager

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