ws-article-thefluHere comes the fall, and here comes the flu. Though the best way to prevent the flu is by taking a flu shot, it does not prevent you against all strains of the flu. What I’m saying is, just because you got a flu shot, you are not invincible to “the flu”.
If you’re around someone with the flu, there are antiviral drugs that exist to help prevent you from actually getting it, like Tamiflu. You have to take them for about ten days after your exposure, and they should lower your ability and/or prevent you from getting it. Tamiflu can shorten your time ill, as can Relenza. You have to start taking the medicines right away if you want it to shorten your time of sickness.
Other tips are just as important no matter what. Wash your hands often, like really often. Wash them before, after, and during food preparation as well as before eating, when someone around you is sick, etc. Clean and disinfect surfaces like counters, remotes, door knobs, and objects that children touch. Avoid close contact with anyone when you’re sick; try not to go to school, work, or cough on people when you have the flu. Sometimes people are contagious before they show symptoms, so try not to subject your younger kids to large crowds all the time. Also, send your children with water bottles like Siggs to school so they don’t have to use the water fountain, which can have lingering germs. Use tissues. Anti-viral tissues are especially good in this instance.
Be sure to get the proper amount of sleep so that your immune system is not compromised, and eat properly. Keeping active can increase your immune system’s abilities, and drinking water will help flush your system and keep it healthy too.

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