Yes ladies, it is possible!

When I bought my new flat iron, part of the appeal was being able to curl my hair along with straightening.  I tried and tried, and never could figure out how to do it.  I have watched YouTube videos, asked friends and never quite pulled it off until now.  One boring night last week I took to my bathroom, washed and dried my hair then went to town.  I wasn’t letting up until I succeeded in my mission.  My husband thought I fell in the toilet or something because I was in there for so long!  The end result was worth it and voila I had curls from my flat iron!

Here is what I did step by step below:

  1. Choose the right flat iron. An inch-and-a half or less is best. If your hair is very coarse or curly, the flat iron needs to get very hot, at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Look for a flat iron with rounded edges on the plates to prevent unnatural “dents” in your hair.
  2. Apply a protective cream that contains a heat protector to prevent hair damage.
  3. Dry hair completely. Even slightly damp hair will not curl as well, and a good blowout gives you a smooth start for frizz-free curls.
  4. Clamp a 1- to 2-inch section of hair about halfway through the strand and turn the flat iron one-and-a-half turns in the direction you want your curl.
  5. Pull the flat iron through the strand while keeping tension on the curl.
  6. Repeat on small sections of hair until it’s all curled. Don’t worry-the more you do it, the faster you’ll get.
  7. Spray with hairspray to make your curls last longer. Use aerosol hairspray to avoid over wetting you curls. Spray underneath, too.

-Jessica Brown

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