Hunter Boots from Zappos.comLiving in LA we don’t get many rainy days in the early Fall season, so yesterdays storm took everyone including myself by surprise. My first thought was, wow what am I going to wear so my legs and ankles don’t get wet? The answer was my two seasons old- yet very reliable calf boots. I was quite thankful to be wearing these in the storm, but of course as soon as I went back to my car the water was overflowing the curb….Oye. Well I will say my legs stayed dry but I wish I had a different pair of boots on, preferably a pair of Wellies. So like any devoted online shopper, I hopped onto and ordered myself a pair of Hunter boots! Hunter Boots was founded way back in 1856 so you can imagine that they are durable and also comfortable! They are made out of rubber, so you can wear them in the rain and snow and they won’t get destroyed. I chose to get my pair in black, now I can’t wait to get the Fleece Welly Sock to go with them.

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