Women tend to be the center of attention on Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because we put more emphasis on the corny holiday, but regardless, we can’t forget about those men that give us so much joy in our lives! This Valentine’s Day, make sure you show your man how much you adore him too! After all, if it wasn’t for the wonderful men in our lives showering us with ‘surprise’ flowers, chocolates, gifts, and dinners we wouldn’t have as much to look forward to on February 14th.

No matter if you’ve just started dating or wedding bells are in your near future, there is a special gift out there for your boy!

I Barely Know You Stage

No, a Starbucks card will not do, especially if you actually like the guy. Instead, reveal your unbeatable sense of humor with a Personalizable Beer Holster for $24.99! No, I’m not kidding. He will not only laugh his pants off, you will probably catch him using it while doing handy-work around his house, while tailgating, and maybe even at a friend’s backyard BBQ party (just bare with the embarrassment, at least he liked it!). Not to mention, if things go smoothly, you’ll have a good laugh with him every time you talk about your first Valentine’s Day together.

Honeymoon Stage

You’re in La La Land, you feel as if you’re walking on clouds, the sky is bluer than ever, and even if you got robbed at gunpoint the skip would not come out of your step. Make a point to show him how great he has made you feel over the past months with a sentimental gift. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. Although if you have the means, the nice watch he’s been hinting at since Christmas, when he didn’t get it, would be a great gift. Just make it personal by getting the back of it engraved with something meaningful, nothing too cheesy though. If your budget is a bit more conservative, a Photo Frame Valet for $49.99 would be perfect. This way he can (hopefully) look at a picture of the two of you every time he goes to put on the watches, cuff links, and so forth you may give him in the future.

Serious Relationship

It is hard to go wrong in this stage. Both of you are (hopefully) comfortable together and just enjoying the quietness of being in a steady, healthy relationship. At this point, you probably know him better than he knows himself, so show him. Get him that present that he would never ask for, but has always wanted. He probably can’t even tell you what his perfect gift would be. Show him what it feels like to receive one this Valentine’s Day.


-Emily Freeman

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