I’m all about breakfast, especially anytime after 1pm! You can only imagine my giddy hysteria when my roommate told me about Jacks n Joe, “a breakfast all day kinda place.”

Located right outside of downtown LA (and right down the street from the University of Southern California, yay! Fight on!), the cozy-contemporary atmosphere is perfect for devouring unlimited coffee, omelets, flap jacks, French toast, and smoothies. The sounds of Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, and the sorts both lighten up and settle down the mood, putting you in the perfect mindset for serious menu contemplation.

From Roo’s Favorite, 3 chocolate-chip pancakes topped with real whipped cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar, to Jack’s Banana Pancakes, 3 pancakes with banana puree topped with fresh bananas, walnuts, and powdered sugar (try these with their buckwheat pancake batter, delish!), to their Dakine French toast, 3 thick slices of Hawaiian sweetbread dipped in egg batter, sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with vanilla butter (Nutella is also another great addition to these!), to any of their specialty or create your own omelets accompanied by JNJ potatoes, to their Portuguese sausage, bacon, or to their breakfast sandwiches (the list could go on forever), you can’t go wrong!

Better yet, if you’re like me and can never decide over savory or sweet, they have combos that include eggs, meat, potatoes, and pancakes or French toast.

They’re open from 7am-7pm so your breakfast food cravings can be satisfied at any meal!


-Emily Freeman

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