To be totally honest, men cannot pull off jean shorts very well. “Jorts” are often an awkward length with unusual and unnecessary pockets hanging out. Though a fashion taboo for men, they look adorable on women as long as you find the correct type for your body, figure, and occasion. At, you can find the appropriate kind just for you.

shortsFirst there is the worn-out, short jean shorts. They are often faded, with ripped holes, and very tiny. These are best on taller people with skinny legs. This pair here from is the perfect pair. If you want to show off all your hard work in Pilates class, this is definitely the way to grab attention!

Next on the list are the perpetually cute cuffed jean short. These are my favorite of the three types in stores right now, and I just purchased a pair of these  They’re fantastic, fit well, and are the perfect length. As I purchased them, I could see my boyfriend and my mom thinking they’re great at the same time! I think I can wear these most anywhere, and they won’t offend anyone. They’re still a little bit sexy but not so short that they’re skanky.

If you are feeling less adventurous, there are always knee-length jean shorts. These are still cute and classy. These can be worn on ay occasion, and you will never be out of place or cold once you hit the air conditioning. These Citizens of Humanity  ones are loose, funky, and really flattering.

Let me know what kind you buy for this summer staple!

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