My boyfriend used to always complain about how sticky my lip gloss would feel or how he would have to wipe off lipstick from his cheek or mouth when we would kiss. But after discovering CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor, my lips not only look sultry red or sweet pink all day long, our kisses are completely whine-less!

The 16-hour, food, kiss, and waterproof lipstick comes in 7 different shades of browns and spices, 6 burgundies and wines, 7 corals and reds, 7 mauves and berries, 7 neutrals and nudes, and 7 pinks and roses. No matter what the occasion or skin tone you have, there is a color for you! Wear it matte for a more contemporary look or use the moisturizing topcoat gloss to add a burst of shine.


-Emily Freeman

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