I don’t know if it is because I danced for most of my life in lycra or what, but I cannot get enough leggings in my life. Sometimes, I think the only reason I enjoy yoga is because it is another excuse to don Spandex in my post-dancer life.

However, leggings are now TRENDY. I no longer have to pretend that I am going to the gym after a trip to the grocery store. I no longer feel constricted in my skin-tight jeans with no give. In fact, I could probably take a yoga class in the recent addition to fashion, leggings that look like socially acceptable pants.

leggingsLeggings, leggings, leggings! There are so many types now that I am like a kid in a candy shop when I reach the jeans section at Bloomingdale’s. Everyone has their preference, but mine hands down are Joe’s Jeans “The Legging”.

Earlier in the fall, they debuted a black pair of “Chelsea” ponte knit skinny pants. I immediately fell in love with them and found myself wearing them to work and out at night. They look sort of like jeans but aren’t, but the thing is they kind of wear out if you wear them as often as I do.

So after the success of the black pant, they designed “The Legging”. “The Legging” actually looks like jeans, not leggings, but stretches so comfortably that you feel like you are in a legging. They fit like a glove and flatter most figures. They go with any tops and can be dressed up or down.  All 22 pairs are cute. So far I only own two, but I think the collection will be growing pretty soon, because I could definitely use a white pair… or maybe a purple pair… or maybe taupe… uhoh. I digress from my point, which is that these are basically the best pants I’ve ever owned in my entire life, and I can’t stop wearing them. Find yourself a pair now because they are flying off the racks!

Joes Jeans

One thought on “Leggings of Love

  1. I have the original black pair also! Now that I know there is a newer version ~ I will be off to find them.

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