sleepywomanStop the world, I want to get off! I’m not sure about you, but I personally say this to myself at least twice a week. Yet, more often than I’d like to admit, I fall into a YouTube/Pinterest/Facebook vortex and lose a ridiculous amount of time to cute kittens or mind-blowing dance routines (come on, they’re totally amazing). So, inn an attempt to introduce some semblance of organization into my life and streamline my routine, I decided to make a list of some new apps, habits, and accessories that might just help to boost my productivity. And hopefully yours, too!

1. Download Clear (App).
This thing is like crack for a to-do list junkie such as myself. The app is as simple as its name: you just drag down to add a new item to your list, and swipe right to check that sucker off once you’ve completed it. Extra features like reminders and iCloud syncing make it super-easy to keep on top of your tasks, whenever you want and wherever you may be.

2. Wake Up Earlier.
I’m an early bird by nature, so this one isn’t too much of a challenge. Still, it’s really quite amazing how much you can accomplish in the morning with a good night’s sleep and an alarm that’s set for six or seven in the morning. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, have a balanced breakfast, and use the extra time to plan out your day. Or maybe even go for a morning run or check out that spin class that you always skip after work.

3. Unplug.
As much as we’ve come to depend on technology, it can be dangerously distracting when it comes to getting stuff done. Between my phone and my computer, it’s rare that I can actually get through a vacuuming or dishwashing session without checking on something — sad, but true. Even during times when I’m “unwinding” and watching TV with a cup of tea, my laptop and iPhone are always within arm’s reach. It’s hard to stay away, but with a little conscious effort, it’s totally possible to be actively engaged with something other than a screen.

4. Download Full (App).
Put your goals into motion with this practical app that helps you assign blocks of time to the tasks that are most important to you. Instead of vague items with no deadlines or schedule, you can break your life down into chunks of 15 minutes, an hour, or any other interval that seems manageable. You’ll be well on your way to a more efficient, effective routine. — Kim Windyka

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