We are a funny culture, and I’m talking about us Americans. Food is a HUGE part of our lives, which is a big part of why we have the highest obesity rate in the world…I digress. With that said, I came across a funny article in Women’s Day about “Limited Edition Foods.” I’ll admit it; I am a total sucker for the Girl Scout Cookies. One box of Thin Mints frozen please!

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake- around since the 1970s, this sweet treat comes around yearly during the month of March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Because it’s not offered at all McDonald’s, go to http://www.shamrockshake.com to see if it’s at your local shop.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte- A personal fav of my friend Tom, its available at all Starbucks from October until they run out of the syrup (generally after Christmas).                

Cosi Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich with Cranberry Sauce- Only served during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and a few after, this sandwich has loyal followers lining up at the doors!

Nabisco Mallomars- The delicious marshmallow cookie, first sold 97 years ago, they are still nearly impossible to find during the warm months. Nabisco continues to sell them only from September to April to maintain the tradition (originally supermarkets didn’t have the room to store them in a cool spot!).

Necco Sweetheart Conversation Hearts- Around since 1902, they are manufactured year round and are totally sold out during the 6 weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. You know you told little Andrew in 2nd grade you loved him with those.

Girl Scout Cookies- Yeah we know more about the cookies than what they Scouts do! The cookies are sold from January to April, and have been known to incite a few jail riots. I hear it was over a box of Tagalongs (kidding).

Dreyer’s Limited Edition Eggnog Ice Cream- since the 1950’s this sweet treat has been sold from November to December, but according to fanatics it should be a year long treat!

White Castle Sweet Potato Fries- Offered seasonally at select White Castles, are all the rage. Formerly considered a gourmet treat to trendy restaurants, White Castle’s version has made them a widespread sensation. Or perhaps it’s the tasty cinnamon dipping sauce that they’re served with that makes fans go crazy.

And of course:

McDonald’s McRib- available at all McDonald’s from Early November to December 2010. The last time the McRib was offered at every McDonald’s across the country was in 1995. Over the last three years alone, the boneless meat sandwich on a sesame seed bun has hit sales numbers in the $60 million range—and that’s just when it was in limited availability. It even has multiple Facebook fan pages and a McRib locater.

-Jessica Brown

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