There are many benefits to the high heel, namely they make us taller and give our legs the Heidi Klum illusion. They dress up outfits, make any pair of pants look fancier, and men love them, but somewhere between the fourth and the fifth inch, the high heel got a little carried away with itself. Platforms on a six-inch shoe… You may look at that and think, yes that is a reasonable shoe, but it’s only because you’ve been conditioned to think so.

… it’s all a bit too intense, isn’t it? We’re looking at you Armadillo heels.  We do some scary trauma to our feet.

It’s been a steady climb, but when you can’t walk down the sidewalk without an arm or doing the newborn giraffe, it’s time to reconsider the high-heel priorities. Not every shoe has to be the YSL Tribute. Your grandma never wore a heel higher than that and she probably didn’t have bunions.

Here are some lovely (and high-enough) heels that will save your feet and likely spare you from any horrific tumbles.

This simple black pump with a “glamorous presence” will certainly spare your toes. It’s still high, but definitely manageable.

This shoe is simple but stylish and gives you a 3-inch lift. It would be a great shoe to wear to the office and it doesn’t require packing your toes in ice.

They’re cute, they’re quirky, and they’ve got a bit of a 20’s Great Gatsby, Jazz Age vibe happening.

Comfort and height, a spark of lemony color to any outfit, and soiree-ready. The Coraline Suede Pump is a beauty in only 3-inch glory.

Or with the current trend of pairing your sneakers with your fanciest duds, you just might find yourself in a skirt and a pair of New Balances. You never know where 2013 will carry you.


-Arianna Schioldager

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