I remember my first plaid outfit. Well maybe not first (thanks awkward plaid Christmas dress), but my first “stylish” plaid outfit.  It was right after Clueless hit the theaters, and I marched right over to Nordstrom’s Brass Plum department and picked out a matching plaid pant and jacket ensemble. I wore it everywhere.  I was hardly the first.  People have been wearing plaid for centuries.  The Scottish used to wear tartans of different colors that represented their different clans.  And the actual word plaid comes from the Gaelic word for blanket.

Well, word to the wise get ready to be a fashionable clan of one and wrap yourself in the cross hued pattern.  Plaid has come a long way since those days (Scottish clans and Clueless days alike) and this fall, plaid has been hitting the streets with aplomb.

Check out these styles and add a hint of plaid to your wardrobe today.

Urban Outfitters has a great plaid Ruana.  What’s a ruana?

A perfect high/low slouchy flannel button down.

If you’ve got that Motorcycle Diaries spirit, Free People has a plaid black and white oversized motorcycle jacket.

And if your feet are feeling left out of the plaid party, Mod Cloth has the cutest pair of plaid flats.

-Arianna Schioldager

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