When Brooks Brothers opened a counter at the rear end of their New York store in the 50s, women from college suburbs came by the droves to buy the perfect man’s shirt.  A trend was born and has shown no signs of slowing down to date.  Women love wearing men’s clothing—the boyfriend shirt, the boyfriend jean, that perfectly worn-in t-shirt.  It’s comfortable and easy, and from its onset, menswear-as-women’s-wear has been a chic, no-nonsense, trend to follow.   

But there’s a little bit of logic to throwing on something so simple.  After all, the last thing you want to look is shapeless and schleppy, or like your grandfather at church.

A really stylish chap can get away with matching paisley with polka dot.  He takes life with a laugh and enjoys it with the gusto of the Elizabethans.  He chooses his threads with purpose and the objective of convenience (something we ladies too often forget).  Think of dark linens rayed with white stitchery, think of lemons matched with pale grays or tan, think of the beauty of the perfect summer suit.

Stylish celebs like Ashley Olsen have got the look down pat.  The key is a basic and feminine accessory—a stylish ballet flat or strappy high-heeled sandal, delicate jewelry, or a classic tote to top off the look. If you offset the more masculine elements of the outfit, you will maintain your feminine wiles.

Your objective is to think of everything in terms of simplicity: pair a high waist front pleat pant with a thin, silky button down.  Equipment is a line that femininely captures the impeccable plumage of menswear.   You will look refined and classic, but with a twist of moxie, like a lady who plays a mean hand of poker while wearing white gloves.

-Arianna Schioldager

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