Are you aware of every item in your closet, and do you make use of all of them? I’m willing to bet $50 that your answer to that question is a No. Don’t worry, overflowing, neglected closets can happen to the best of us. I just recently organized mine, and found a mountain of items I forgot I had – it was like getting a bunch of new clothes for free, except not. Regardless, it was a good feeling. Here are some tips that will help you tidy up your own closet!

  • You’re going to need to be brutally honest with yourself: are any items in your closet that you haven’t touched in six months? If yes, stop being a hoarder, and throw them in a donation bag.
  • When you first begin sorting your clothes, first separate them by garment type. If you want to color coordinate, do so within each group.
  • If you are working with different levels (such as high and low shelves) follow this rule of thumb: your most-used items should be eye level, less-used items below that, and the least-used items up high.
  • One size does not fit all – combine storage units to fit your different needs! Drawers and open shelves are good for folded items, hangers can display dresses, coats, and suits, and boxes can house random accessories and miscellaneous pieces.
  • For items that make tidy stacks, such as T-shirts, sweaters, and jeans, try an open shelf rather than a dresser. It will be less stuffy, and more accessible!
  • When storing handbags, arrange larger bags side by side, and stack flat clutches on top of one another.
  • Line your entire closet in corkboard: it’s a neat way to display jewelry, fabric swatches, or magazine cutouts for some outfit inspiration!

-Shalyn Tharayil

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