>Women have been eating cucumber salads, munching on cucumber sandwiches at teas, and sitting around with facemasks and cucumbers over their eyes for ages now.  But our green friend provides more than a slim waist and de-puffed eyes…

Did you know that cucumbers provide almost all of the vitamins you need every day?  This little known fact seems to get overlooked. One cucumber contains: vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, Folic Acid, vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, and Zinc. 

And all those vitamins and minerals have a few tricks up their sleeves.

The bouquet of B vitamins in cucumbers is said to aid in that all too common afternoon lull.  You can either swig down an energy drink or pick up a cucumber, julienne pieces, and crunch away.  The vitamins and carbohydrates provide an extra pick-me up that can last through the afternoon.

Say you’re about to head out in that short skirt for the night on the town, or feel like wearing short shorts… some also say that if you take a slice or two of cucumber and rub it along your problem area, the phytochemicals (the same reason we put cucumbers over our eyes) in the veggie firm the outer layers of your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

Have an afternoon snacking problem?  Well, take a tip from European traders and explorers who were said to use the cucumbers to stave off starvation.  Cut up some slices and crunch your munchies away.

And of course, who doesn’t need help with the dreaded hangover—that black cloud that lurks above any raucous night out?  Before you hit the hay, chomp down on a few cucumber slices.  The sugar, electrolytes and vitamins will help keep that headache at bay, and will replenish lost nutrients.

-Arianna Schioldager

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