One of my new year resolutions was to watch more movies with my kids. I know that sounds slightly backwards. But think about it, do you actually sit down and watch tv with your kids? Goodness knows that I do not! Usually the few minutes they sit down and watch anything, I’m trying to sneak off to use the restroom, or shower. I thought it would be a nice change to sit down with my kids and share the movies of my childhood with them.

I don’t just want to plop them down in front of the tv and be done with it. I want to sit there and laugh with them, explain things they may not understand or expand on any themes or lessons that might be lurking. All of that being said, we have instituted weekly movie nights. We make a dinner that is easily eaten on a blanket by the television. We spread out the blanket and the whole family sits down and eats while watching our movie.

It has only been a week and I am already so excited for the next night. We are starting with some old Disney movies. The kids don’t really get a choice in the movie, just my husband and I get a say. This way we avoid any arguments, and can pick things based on their interests. The movies you choose will of course depend on your kids and their ages. But think about the movies or television shows you really enjoyed with your kids! I can’t wait until I get the Full House DVDs from Netflix. Oh yeah!

And with the economy the way it is, this is an inexpensive thing to do as a family that won’t cost you too many beans! What it will do, is make some cool memories for you and your kids!

-Stephanie Wright

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