It’s all the rage amongst the fashion blog queens. Some call it Native Americana.  Some Native Prep.  It’s a little like Tommy Hilfiger meets traditional Native American garb and it’s perfect for fall.  Palettes that weave like colors of leaves, patterns that twist and look hand woven, and accessories that are equal part craft and fashion.  We’ve been a stylish country from the start—and there’s no reason to stop now.

Pendleton is one of those staple Americana brands that just does everything to perfection.  From vintage coats you can find on Etsy, to their line with Opening Ceremony, there is so much pattern and print and so little time to wear it all!

Check out this kaleidoscope print knit cape.  It is 100% wool, so it will keep you warm and styling.  It has a ribbed neck and kimono sleeves.

There is an amazing vintage and lifestyle store in Venice, CA called Beau and Aero that does Native Prep just right too.  In fact, they very well might have coined the term.  Owners Jessica Seaton and Baelyn Elspeth stock their store with only the best.  Seaton says, “Our style is a combo of Native American, mixed with Equestrian prep and a touch of romance – with silks and cashmere separates”.  Sounds ideal.  Check them out, and if you have the chance visit them on Main Street in Venice to stock up on fall and winter musts.

Even trendy stores like Forever 21 have gotten in on the Native appeal.  Pick up some inexpensive accessories like THESE that compliment any Native inspired ensemble.  Or, have the accessory make the whole outfit like THIS.

-Arianna Schioldager

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