It may not be camping weather, but there are many a lit fireplace in homes across the country, and there’s no reason you can’t hunt down a stick and roast a marshmallow or two from the comforts of your living room. Now, the traditional graham cracker, chocolate square and toasted marshmallow remains the time-honored favorite, but there are few spins and updates on the traditional that will make any mouth water.

The Marshmallow Itself

There are many new spins on the mallow, which include: vanilla, cinnamon, strawberry, and chocolate.  There are also gourmet marshmallows, like Plush Puffs, that range anywhere from toasted coconut to sour lemon.  Think of the creations you can come up with.

The Graham Cracker

There are thin and fatter crackers, but there are also chocolate flavored. So if you want a double decker of chocolate, try a chocolate graham cracker, a chocolate marshmallow, and a chocolate square. You can also opt out of the chocolate square, and pick a cookie like the L-U Petit Ecolier, which put everything in one piece. Fancy, huh?

For the health conscious or gluten free folks, try smashing the main ingredients between two green apple slices. The tartness and the sweet creates a great contrast the same way it does in other desserts.

The Chocolate

Try white chocolate or fudge instead of the regular Hersey square. Or skip the chocolate all together and try caramel. If it works with ice cream…

The Trappings

Try adding any of the following: caramel, strawberries, cinnamon sugar spice, crushed peppermint, and beyond.

Anyway you smash it, once the gooey dessert hits your lips you’ll certainly be asking, may I please have s’more?

-Arianna Schioldager

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