Do you have a love/hate relationship with NYE?

More often than naught, plans for December 31st don’t live up to expectations. Organizing a group of people, the travel costs, the unfortunate and often side-effect of NYE let-down when the trip and night you planned to a pin-drop doesn’t go according to plan… enough is enough.  Right? So the solution… stay home, right?

Unfortunately, the city you live in is banking on someone like you to stay behind. The covers at your favorite bar, the pre-fixe menu at your favorite restaurant—they’re like frozen dinners that never thaw out in the middle.

Perhaps it’s time to do something totally different this go-around.

Obviously you can host a party, but why worry about the costs and the fuss. Throw a potluck, with one caveat: No one gets in the door without roller skates. Who says you need to rent out a roller rink to enjoy yourself on four wheels? After the food has been enjoyed take off on a midnight 2013 adventure. For those that like to drink up—protective gear comes highly recommended.

Plan a scavenger hunt. They’re free, they’re fun and they’re likely to get you in a bit of trouble (which is what NYE is about after all).  Invite friends over and split up into teams.  Dole out the lists and watch the hilarity ensue. Make sure that get a piggyback ride from a cop and fit the whole team into a snuggie are on there. Where will you going to find a snuggie? It’s all part of the game.

If you’re the outdoorsy type, plan a midnight hike (with plenty of friends and supplies for safety). Time it so that you reach the peak of your destination right about midnight. Take in the smells and sky un-obliterated by city light pollution. It will be a beautiful 2013.

-Arianna Schioldager



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