In this recession, sometimes you have to give up the extra money you spend beautifying yourself. Manicures and pedicures combined can run about $50 combined. Manicures don’t even last more than a week, especially if you are typing all day long. So, suddenly that desire to make your nails look nice is wasting your hard-earned money, and maybe it’s not worth it at this time.

fingerBut there is a way to make your nails look nice without having to fork over $100 a month. Paint your own nails! Sally Hansen sells affordable polishes in numerous colors. In addition to all these options, they designed products that are easy-to-use too! Even the least coordinated person can paint their own nails—and their products dry fast so you can paint quickly and move on with your day.

The Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pen is a pen shaped nail polish container, where you can click the bottom for it to release paint. The paint cannot get spilled everywhere, and it is easy to brush on. There are vitamins added to help strengthen your nails, and it dries quickly and fits in a purse so touch-ups can be instant! The purple chrome is really in this season, so go buy it and paint away!

Another great product is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color. It is, if possible, even more foolproof. The “Perfectionist Brush” is designed to coat your nails entirely in one stroke. The paint will dry in only a minute! Neons were hot on the red carpet recently, so swoop up the Speedy Sunburst Crème and Lickety-Split Lime.  If you like something more classic, go for Uptempo Plum (my favorite) or Mauve It Frost. If I can use these $5 nail polishes without ruining my nails, you can do it too!

Sally Hansen

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