My son is 23 months old, approaching the terrible twos.  His issue is that he really enjoys mischief.  I have not met many children at his age who get such a thrill out of doing things that he knows mommy doesn’t like.  Standing on the couch for example. 

Everyday, every hour my boy gives me the cutest little grin, raises one eyebrow then stands up on the couch.  Inside I am dying laughing.  I know he is testing me, trying to get  that rise.  It’s a battle of wits, my almost two year old is a formidable partner.  Each time he does this I have the same reaction.  I calmly ask him to sit down on his bottom.  I say please.  If he doesn’t respond right away I help him to sit down and explain that if we don’t sit on our bottoms we have to get off the couch.  At this point he jabbers at me for a few seconds and sits down.  Often times he’ll go about his business, for a while.  Then we go back and repeat the process.  At least 20 times a day. 

I get so tired of telling this boy NO!.  Everyone always tells me that consistency is the key with this magical age.  I believe them, but can’t help losing my mind a little.  If you find yourself in this position, just remember that if you give your child the thrill of getting a rise out of you, they won’t ever give up and hope that this next time they will be rewarded.  Be patient and consistent.  Don’t let your two year old win.

-Stephanie Wright

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