Face it.  You put the lug in luggage.  But don’t fret quite yet ma petite cherie, there is still plenty of time to undo your packing folly.  Over-packing tops the list of travel mistakes; just because you have it doesn’t mean you should pack it.  In fact, chances are, if you don’t wear it at home, you won’t wear it on vacation. 

Carefree traveling is smart packing. Plus then you never ever have to worry about lost luggage.

So, whip out your carryon, because unless you’re packing scuba gear or summer vacationing in the snow, you don’t need that body bag.

Summer means hotter days and nights, which means less clothing, and one key multi-functional piece can get you through multiple outfit changes.

Instead of the little black dress, try the little (I’d opt for a longer hemline) navy dress.  It’s chic, it’s got that nautical feel, and it’s a perfect color to dress up, or down.  Choose something that’s clean cut, but not too straight laced, and then, transform it.  Think of the dress as the supporting act, and the accessories as the main event. Packing light is all about the accessories. 

Lazy Morning:  Your LND, a pair of leather sandals, a Panama hat, and a thin floral scarf.

Exploring the Town: Belt a thin cream sweater over your LND, grab your hat, a pair of tan, casual lace up boots (wear these on the plane to preserve space) and you have the perfect walk-about outfit. 

Night on the Town: Blue and black do mix.  Knot your LND at your knees, put on a fitted black blazer, a long statement necklace, a black (leopard for the daring!) open toe wedge, and voila, you’re set for a night of dancing or a romantic dinner with your man.

Carefree traveling is smart packing. Plus then you never ever have to worry about lost luggage.

Check out these two options below and see which is right for you.

James Perse Cotton-Jersey and Woven Tank Dress $165

Aqua Braided Tank Dress $68

-Arianna Schioldager

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