Little Boy With Toy Basket Sitting On Grass At Park

Let’s face it, my kids really don’t need any more candy. With Easter practically here I am already tired of jelly beans and various chocolate candies shaped like eggs. Except Reese’s eggs. Those are divine and will always be welcome in my home. That being said, while planning my kid’s Easter baskets I really wanted to keep away from more candy. All three will be getting the usual chocolate bunny, but I would like that to be it for candy. That of course, makes Easter egg hunts a bit more difficult. The night before Easter, Mr. Easter Bunny and I go around and hide eggs for our kids to find first thing in the morning. (There are some outside too, but we start indoors.) This is just another reason I would like to stay away from candy. Eating candy for breakfast is rarely if ever a good idea.

Here are some things that got tucked into eggs this year for my kids:

Quarters – our kids are saving money to spend on a Disney vacation later this year
Cheerios – that is right, Cheerios we also had a few eggs with gold fish and fruit snacks too
Matchbox cars
Lego People
Small cans of play dough
Puzzle pieces – we will know if we have found all the eggs if all three puzzles (one for each child) is complete
Clues to where their big basket can be found – we always hide that too
Coupons to stay up late one night or get out of a chore free

There are a ton of more options. You could get small party favor type items. I have heard of people buying a small Lego set and putting a few pieces in each egg. You could use that idea for just about anything with many pieces. Your options are endless, so long as you think small!
-Stephanie Wright

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