This past weekend we had a record heat wave here.  Last week we had snow flurries, but this past weekend the heat was up in the 90s.  Talk about a flip!  It was the first time of the season that we turned on our trusty air conditioner.  Only this time, it wasn’t so trusty.   Old faithful got herself a leak.  Needless to say we weren’t the only ones with air conditioner problems, so it took a few days to get a technician out here.  So we were left to swelter in the heat on our own. 

Like any parent, I worried about the kids (and myself) getting dehydrated.  Of course, I am more than capable of drinking the right amount of water on my own, but my kids struggle.  Neither of them really enjoys water.  I knew they needed to step up their consumption because it was so hot and here is how I convinced them to do so. 

My daughter, who is four, loves princesses.  Being ever so clever we ran to Target and purchased special princess glasses.  Now these glasses are special, they only serve princess water.  Princess water is regular water with a touch of purple food coloring inside to make it extra fancy.  Oh, and the ice cubes!  Purple ice cubes, princesses only drink water with purple ice cubes.  It may have taken a little extra work on my part, but my daughter was enjoying her water and asking for more.  She understands that to get the princess cups, and the purple ice cubes she has to have princess water.  No juice.  No milk.  At least not in these cups. 

She has asked for at least one glass of water a day since we started this little princess water deal.  For now, I think its perfect.

-Stephanie Wright

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