Always ready for a new outside fun adventure for my kids, we have tried another winner!  If you have kids of different ages, this is a winner. 

My daughter is older, and definitely has an artistic streak, while my son just likes to throw things or put them in his mouth.  What a better way to make them both happy than with pudding paint? 

It’s so easy to do, get yourself a box of vanilla pudding.  Whip it up, put a dollop into a bunch of plastic cups then mix in some food colorings.  Give the kids some paper and let them go to town.  While it does get sticky, and all over the place, it makes for some great experimenting.  Both of my kids love to use their hands to get dirty and finger paint.  The bonus of course, is that this is completely edible!  I do not need to even think twice when my son shoves it in his mouth for a sample. 

In a fun unexpected bonus, both kids really enjoyed helping to make their paints.  I’ve discovered that anything my kids get to help make is always more fun to play with- or eat in the case of my son.  This was perfect to have available for a casual play date at your home or park.  Just make sure to warn the other parents that the kids might get a little messy!

-Stephanie Wright

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