Halloween is officially almost here. And at our house we are deep in our Halloween crafts. Last year we made cute little skeletons using paper plates. This year, we are back to making skeletons again, but on a much smaller scale by using black construction paper, Q-tips, and glue. Honestly this is the easiest craft ever. Most kids can complete it by themselves with minimal help.

Grab your cotton swabs and create a basic stick figure. (We used white crayon to create the head). For the arms and legs, we cut the Q-tips into lengths that we thought fit the scale. We did the same thing for the ribs. Once we had all of the parts ready to go, we glued them onto our papers in fun little scenes. My daughter got super creative and made different sized skeletons for our whole family.

Another great application for these would be for Halloween greeting cards. Or, be like me, and when your kids are finished allow them to draw a complete Halloween scene, graveyard and all. Or you could just put it into an inexpensive frame and bring it out each and every Halloween for you to remember. But then again, you could just make a new one every year.

-Stephanie Wright

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