I’m moving to a new apartment soon, and I’ve been all about creative home decor for the past couple weeks. I can spend hours (yes, hours) on Pinterest, searching for ingenious ways to liven up my living space. One of my most recent discoveries has been chalkboard paint – and I cannot wait to buy a can!

What is chalkboard paint? Well, it’s basically what it sounds like; a paint that becomes a chalkboard when it dries. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to spruce up your humble abode, and it allows you to unleash your creative side. The great thing about chalkboard paint is that it is extremely versatile. It works well on a variety of surfaces, and can transform doors, walls, furniture, and even kitchen items! It’s great for kids, but also fun for any adult who is still a kid at heart.

In an attempt to inspire you, I’ve listed a few ideas below:


1) Paint opaque cans and jars to make reusable chalkboard labels! It will organize your little items, and it looks classier than Post-Its or masking tape!
2) If you have kids, paint portions of their bedroom walls. Let them satisfy that urge to scribble on the things they’re not supposed to! Plus, it will get them in touch with their creative side.
3) Paint a piece of plywood to make a portable chalkboard – which you can then use as a memo board, To-Do list, schedule, etc. I love this idea because you don’t have to make the commitment of painting the wall itself, and it is easy to tuck away.
4) If you want to be bold, paint pieces of wooden furniture, such as a coffee table, dresser, or the surface of your desk. It will give you (and your guests!) something to scribble on.

-Shalyn Tharayil

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