We’re all in the same boat—that choppy one where we’ve reneged on our initial New Years goals.  Best intentions aside, it’s a rather cruel joke that New Years happens to come during a time of year when you get to bundle up and hide wobbly bits. It’s hard to resist comfort foods when it’s so chilly outside! If New Years happened in the summer, I’d bet a firm bottom that we’d stick to those resolutions that have to do with eating better.  Alas, Mother Nature has us all by the ponytail.

Don’t feel bad.  Just because it’s been bumpy and lumpy, doesn’t mean that we can’t reset.

Now is the perfect time to Reset. March is a great in between month that gives you enough time to feel good about yourself and your body before the weather heats up. Think of it as a pre-Spring cleaning for your insides.

Ritual Cleanse, the only cleanse program available that combines 100% organic, raw juices with special formulations that enable you to workout while cleansing, is a great place to start.

They have a line of juices called Classic Reset. They also have Seasonal Reset. How fitting!  Each day consists of six fresh pressed pure vegetable, fruit, and nut juices that deliver superior nutrition. A single day of Ritual Reset has more than 15 lbs of the highest quality, raw vegetables and fruit. It fills your cells with vitamins and minerals that gently cleanse your systems without what they call harsh detox symptoms of other cleanses. And to guarantee freshness, your juices are pressed, bottled, and delivered to your doorstep that day prior to your start. You choose how many days you want to cleanse for.  I recommend at least three.

You’ll feel rejuvenated in no time.


-Arianna Schioldager

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